Brands I worked on:
Bavaria · Volkswagen Consumer Vehicles · Volkswagen Company Vehicles Appelsientje · Porsche · Orangina · Vodafone · Eneco · OHRA · Dr. Pepper · Cup-a-Soup · Nutella · Amstel Beer · Lipton Ice Tea · Beiersdorf (NIVEA, Labello, Hansaplast) · DubbelFrissss · Samsung · Lenovo · ABN AMRO · De Bijenkorf.


I am an all-round producer with a graphic creative background, working on European level. Digital media is the dialect I speak most dearly, but I will not say no to more traditional tasks. Variation is key, it’s why I enjoy alternating between small scale projects and bigger, multi-language productions. Very much focused on the whole picture, I switch easily between what’s needed and what will lift the project to a higher level. Details are crucial and in finding the best solutions, I won’t simply go the most obvious route. I am an openminded, social bird who loves passing on positivity – putting our heads together to discuss possibilities is my strong suit. I bring a certain calm to the floor: the streamlining your team needs.

On the floor
When I’m working on a project, I guard the quality of the process from start to finish. What are the means and how can we put them to strength? I don’t just plan or make budgets – I add creative value to your company finding you the top of multidisciplinary teams and the most pioneering partners. Over 10 years of experience producing campaigns for companies like Netflix, Nike, VICE and ACHTUNG McGarryBowen have taught me to be a jack of all trades. 

What I do
I work on project management, account management, RTV and production, overseeing the entire briefing, the instruction of teams, reviewing with teams, budgeting, planning, creation and production. As I am pro-growth, I make sure we look at various ways of producing. I’m passionate about structuring the process carefully – all to represent your brand in its freshest, most exceptional form.

Companies I produced for: 
NETFLIX · NIKE · VICE · ACHTUNG McGarryBowen · Selmore Lynx · Being There · Qi-ideas · Tribal DDB



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Contact details
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